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Deven K. Joss

Associate Advisor,  MS, FPQP®, RSAA®


“Start with your values about money and stewardship; much of the rest is solved with a sound financial plan.”

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Deven joined the Joss Brown team in 2022 as an Associate Advisor. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Finance with an emphasis in Financial Planning from Liberty University.  As an undergraduate, he studied Business with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management. He strives to bring great value to the experiences of both clients and his colleagues with his love of problem-solving and service to others. After completing the education and exam requirements through The College of Financial Planning, Deven was awarded the designation of Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™. Deven also holds his RSAA® designation, which will help him plan for clients and couples who are making a decision about the most strategic way to apply for Social Security.  

Deven was born in Heidelberg, Germany, but was raised in Virginia for nearly his entire life just outside of Washington D.C. There, he watched his favorite baseball team, the Washington Nationals, and spent time running around exploring the woods with his brother and friends. At a young age, Deven learned the value of hard work by doing odd jobs for neighbors and for his parents.

“I strive to bring great value to the experiences of both our clients and my colleagues with a love of problem solving and service to others.”

With his earnings, he practiced wise stewardship and generosity. During his high school years, he moved to Williamsburg with his family, and developed a love-hate relationship with golf (even as a low handicap). This continued at Liberty, where Deven accepted the position to lead the Club Golf team as President. While in college he was also involved in a church life group along with other social clubs and intramural sports teams, while volunteering extra time at Live-It Ministries. Now in his free time, Deven enjoys golfing, baking, attending church, and watching TV shows with his Nonni.

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