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Joss Brown Wealth Advisors is proud to sponsor USA Professional Show Jumper Malachi Hinton

USA Professional Show Jumper Malachi Hinton is a native of Newport News, Virginia. Find out more about her journey at:

In December, we did a Q&A with Malachi for the Oyster Pointer about the Season of Giving:

Q: In this season of thankfulness, have you been the recipient of business generosity?

A: I am thankful for the generous support I've received from Joss Brown Wealth Advisors. It's a community effort, and through business partnerships such as theirs, I am able to continue my pursuit to represent Team USA in the Olympic Games.

Q: What is your biggest goal over the next five years?

A: My biggest goal over the next five years is to represent Team USA in the sport of show jumping in major national and international competitions and to be qualified for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Q: Have you discovered the joy of giving in your community? How?

A: Giving back and helping others in my community is important to me. I've always heard that "giving brings joy to the giver." I can attest to that. Over the years, my family and I have volunteered with local churches in providing shelter, clothing, and meals for the homeless members in our community. I have also volunteered locally in helping pack medical supplies for hospitals in underserved communities and gathering clothing for women and children in crisis.

Newspaper Reference: Oyster Pointer, December 2022 Issue

What are your giving goals in this season of your life? Contact Joss Brown Wealth Advisors to start a winning strategy today.


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