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"Unleashing Team Potential: The Power of Equine-Assisted Team Building"

Recently, our team visited Laura Sweeney over at Areion Equestrian in Gloucester to ride horses. The Joss Brown team plans several team building exercises or events throughout the year and this time it was to ride horses.

We learned that horses are proven to be invaluable partners in team building activities, offering unique insights to effective communication, leadership, and collaboration. Laura let us know that horses can tell true character through non-verbal cues and body language, so their sensitivity and perception helps respond to human emotions and intentions. We engaged with the horses through one main activity where we guided them through an obstacle course, weaving around cones and leading them into target areas. Our team developed a mutual respect and understanding with each horse, and we learned how to translate that to our professional relationships. Some of the horses were stubborn and would not move where we wanted, so we had to work together and encourage the horse in different ways. We each have different strengths and weaknesses, but together we know how to get things done.

After several exercises, the team had the opportunity to go on a trail ride with the horses. We were taught how to ride and get the horses to run a little faster. We thank Laura for the great opportunity and the fun time to learn more about horses and each other! 


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