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Understanding the Joss Brown Advantage

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Let’s face it. Wealth can feel complicated and overwhelming at times. Many very disciplined and highly educated people avoid making important decisions for far too long, and thus pay the consequences.

But money doesn’t have to be confusing.

At Joss Brown Wealth Advisors, we’re more than financial advisors.

Like you, we’re family members, we’re church volunteers, and we’re committed members of our Williamsburg and Newport News communities.

For decades, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals and families clarify their finances and make a greater impact in the world around them.

How are we different?

You have one life to live. We all do. Deep down, you know you’re called to make your greatest impact with the resources you’ve been entrusted with.

In this season of your life, the numbers are bigger, and the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been. Sadly, many good people become overwhelmed by the complexity of their financial world and put off key decisions for fear of choosing wrong.

We believe everyone should be free to live generously, bless others, and make a difference in the causes they love. It starts with a purpose-driven financial plan.

Here’s how we can help.

Start with a call. In this initial conversation, we’ll help you clarify the questions on your mind, as well as give you a sense of our unique and personalized approach to financial guidance.

Come in for an exploratory meeting. We’ll organize the many layers of your financial world and help you establish your most meaningful priorities moving forward. You’ll feel a sense of confidence and direction while getting the advice you need to manage your money on purpose.

No matter where life takes you, feel settled knowing you have a plan in place. We’d be honored to help you develop that plan.


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